Friday, July 27, 2012

The Red Demon in the Swamp & 100th Post

The Red Demon 1 square = 10'
NOTE: PDF of the whole locale is HERE

So called because of the bright red corrosion marking its huge hull, the Red Demon is an ancient war machine decayed and destroyed, but still menacing.  A large tank like vehicle standing 100' tall and over 100' long, the Demon mounts a massive cannon hanging obscenely from a turret shaped like a grotesque head and rests partially submerged in the noxious swamp.  The Vile Fen is full of such sites, and the Demon is only a small machine, compared to some of the ancient monoliths deeper within its murky embrace

The nearest fishing village knows of it but stays far clear, traditionally because the radioactive sludge leaking from it made it deadly to approach.  The flora and fauna have returned near the wreck in recent years and flourish, but in his youth the headman's local brother attempted to explore the Red Demon and never came back, cementing the artifact's evil reputation.

Within the Demon some chambers have been forced open to the swamp and recently dangerous swamp life including a giant toadypheme have taken up residence in the lower part of the hull.  Other areas of the vehicle have remained sealed, since its destruction ages ago, and hold dangerous unstable explosives, a mad medical subsystem that has reanimated some of the crew, and usable ancient artifacts.

The Exterior:
 The entire Demon is sinking slowly into the mire, but it must be on some sort of solid ground, as in the past ages it's only been covered up to about 10' in mud, black water and mounded fen moss.  Reeds and small swamp trees surround and break up the bottom half of the machine's outline, but its tower and the cannon jutting sardonic face atop it still rise above the surrounding swamp.

The machine itself appears in good condition from the Southern side, though the huge track on the opposite side can be seen torn loose and laying in the slime.  Possible points of entry include the gaping hole on the North rear quadrant, a corroded hatch in the rear of the vehicle and a balcony about 50' above the swamp on the rear.

So I am thinking of doing a full write up of this locale or the Pleasure Dome I put up.  I just can't stop drawing maps lately.  Not sure why.  Anyway if you have a preference let me know.  Both are ASE locations like the Obelisk - though smaller.  The Pleasure dome is all automatons, gold place settings and tortured spirits while the Red Demon is filled with swamp horrors, slime and terrible robotic zombies on conduit umbilical cords. 

NOTE: This is Dungeon of sign's 100th post - which I feel pretty good about, given that the blog has been up for only about two months.   Actually this is the 101st post - the one on fantasy lawyers was no. 100.  Well dang.


  1. Oh, and congrats an reaching 100 posts!

  2. Congrats on the 100th post!

    And this is so cool that I'm stealing it for a sandboxy thing I'm putting together.

    1. Thanks Simon! Thanks mwschmeer! I appreciate knowing that people are actually reading and enjoying this stuff.

      Should you end up stating up the Red Demon (or any other of my maps) - toss me a link or a doc of what you do with them. I'd love to see how they differ from my own plans. Also if anyone plays through them let me know. I've been trying to make maps with a lot of verticality as my players love climbing things.

  3. 100 posts? Man that was quick!

    The Red Demon here is a very cool!

    1. It was Pat, but hey I had like 40 posts worth of stuff banked.

    2. Oh an I expect to actually location out the Red Demon in a few days - should be a 3rd - 4th level location - there's a 10 HD thing inside and a giant monstrous version of a Surinam toad.