Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Old Brewery - Why we fight.


DM's Notes:
This adventure location is a vile urban nightmare, but it is based on an actual location in 19th century New York, that according to the hysterical imagination of its times shares some topographical/name elements and a general environment with the fantasical location I've written up. My primary source is Herbert Ashby's Gang's of New York (itself fodder for many an adventure), and Luke Sante's more studied “Low Life” on the same topic. None of this matters, but if you like this adventure it owes a lot to the purported actual character of early American urban life (with added grunkies).

Reasons to enter the Old Brewery – You can use a D6 if you're a slave to chance.
  1. Rescue
    What's with aristocrats anyway? Some toothsome bit of aristocratic fluff has spiraled into depravity and dissolution. They were last seen chasing the dragon into the Old Brewery, and now individuals of low character are blackmailing the family with their wayward scion's death, shame and debasement. A ½ halfling grandchild is out of the question and anyway something must be done quickly. The PC's have a few days to rescue, deliver the ransom, counter kidnap for a rival gang or put a poison dagger into the lad or lass for disgracing the family (one or more options depending on the PCs and campaign.)
  2. Lost Treasure/Deed
    A thumbless old criminal or corrupt Fist Officer knows that there's treasure buried in the cellars, stolen gems, a fortune in gold leaf purloined from a reconstruction project at the Palais Immaculate, buried casks of 500 year old brandy – something valuable has to have accumulated in the wretched pile. Then there's the pile itself, as the last owner is presumed to have died within the deed to the whole thing is in there, and while the Brewery itself isn't worth much the land would be useful to a variety of slaver, slum lords, industrialists and even a charity or two.
  3. Manhunt
    A criminal wanted by the authorities, the church, A rich merchant and/or the PCs moms is trailed to the Old Brewery. Get him out dead or alive and make Mom happy.
  4. Rub Out the Competition
    A criminally affiliated or indebted party could be hired for money or favors to wipe out the gangs within the Old Brewery. “Them's not playing by the rules ya see? I'd like to see em gone outta town, way outta town, to warmer climes, ya see?”
  5. Urban Renewal
    The city or perhaps a private party (business folk/charities/the Vizer) would like to see the Old Brewery's land used for something less disgusting. Someone is willing to hire the PC's for 3,000 GP to clean the place out and/or burn it to the ground.
  6. Gambling A broken, drunk gambler mentions that there is money to be made by pugilists in the basement of the Brewery. That or the PC's should wipe that nest of crooked thieves out and take all the stakes.

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