Thursday, January 17, 2013

Firearms Fumbles

Firearms are something I end up using in my games, and I think a lot of folks do on G+.  As such I've made up a special d30 fumble table.  My intent is for firearm fumbles to occur more often, while muscle powered weapons will receive a "save vs. fumble".  I think the table below offers a nice selection of bad things, for the inconvenient to the lethal.  I may create a "wands and ray guns" fumble table as well in the future.

Fumbles for Firearms
Misfire - bullet jams in barrel and blast is channeled back towards shooter. Does 1D6 damage and 50% destroys the weapon.
Chain Firing – The shot backfires and ignites any other bullets in the chamber or clip.  The weapon will fire itself empty this round (though allowing one more to hit roll against the original target).  This fumble has no effect with a single shot weapon.
Dropped – The shooter drops his weapon and ust spend next round recovering it.
Smashed finger - Shooter's finger is smashed by the trigger of hammer of the gun.  -1 hit for the rest of the Session.
Hang Fire – The powder smolders but does not ignite properly.  The gun will fire in 1D4 additional rounds.  Efforts to extract the shell or powder will result in an explosion doing 1D6 points of damage to the person attempting to clear the weapon.
Ammunition Problems – The whole batch of ammunition is bad.  All future shots will be at -2 damage due to poor quality powder until new ammunition is found.
Blinding Flash - Powder is overcharged and lets off a huge flash.  Shooter is dazed for 1D4 rounds unable to act and must make a CON check to determine if he is temporarily blinded (for 1D8 turns).
Winged 'em – Target is not struck, but instead winged and emboldened or enraged.  Target’s attacks will do +2 points of damage the next round.
Off Balance – recoil pushes the shooter off balance, any other shots this round will be at -2 to hit.
Blinding Explosion- Leaning over the weapon's sights to take careful aim when the weapon explodes the shooter takes 1D4 point of damage and must save vs. wands or be blinded permanently.  A save results in temporary blindness for 1D6 days. Weapon is damaged, but may be rebuilt.
Mutilating Explosion – A nasty explosion rips through the gun’s bottom, destroying it.  It does ½ normal damage but blasts off 1D4-1 fingers, causing a permanent loss of two dexterity points for the purpose of missile weapon use.
Jammed – A minor jam. The weapon may be unjammed with a successful intelligence check.  A check may be made every round until the gun is unjammed.
Gun Spirit - The weapon has attracted a gun spirit that reveals in death.  Whenever the shooter kills an enemy make a secret save vs. paralysis.  If the save is failed the gun becomes possessed and will push the shooter to kill (effectively cumulative granting +1 to damage and a 1 point penalty to AC) without concern for personal safety.
Sights Skewed - Sights are knock askew rendering the gun hard to aim.  -2 to hit until the weapon has been repaired.
Ricochet - Bullet ricochets wildly making 1D4 attacks as normal against random targets.  Each attack is at -2, and the bullet will make no more attacks after it hits.
Weapon Thrown – A sudden movement cause the shooter to accidentally fling the weapon off into the distance.  It may be recovered after the battle.
Exposed -  Shooter has leaned too far from cover in an effort to get a better shot, all attacks against the shooter in the next round will be at +4 to hit.
Squib - Gun fails to fire completely and expanded bullet is lodged in the barrel.  If more than one shot is fired that round gun will explode for 1D10 points of damage to the shooter.  If not the weapon will need to be repaired by a gunsmith before it can be used again.
Mark of Flame - Mystical forces distrust the noise and impersonal destruction of firearms, and the shooter has brought herself to the negative attention of these forces.  As long as the shooter owns a firearm all saves vs. magical effects will be at -1.
Friendly Fire (Critical) - A perfect shot, right into the back of a random ally.  Treat as a critical hit against a friendly target.
Dud - Shot is a dud, gun must be emptied and reloaded at the normal rate to be operational again.
Blinding Smoke - A could of gun smoke around the shooter makes all within 10' suffer a -1 on all rolls for the next 1D4 rounds.
Facial Burns – Small bits of burning gunpowder burn and scar the shooter’s face causing minor disfigurement.  -1 Charisma, the character must save vs. Poison or be permanently scarred, if the save is successful the burns heal without damage in a week’s time.
Deafening Explosion – The weapon goes off normally but the explosion is deafening.  Save vs. paralysis or be stunned for one round.  In any event firer loses hearing for 2D20 rounds, suffering a -1 to initiative and the inability to hear noises.
Stock shattered – Rough handling breaks the weapon’s handle or stock.  It can still be fired at a -4 to hit until the broken part is replaced.
Self Inflicted wound – You manage to shoot yourself.  Roll normal weapon damage against yourself.
Gun Explosion – Complete structural failure of the gun, it explodes and is destroyed.  Futhermore fragments of the weapon strike the firer for 1D10 points of damage.
Friendly Fire – You’ve accidentally shot an ally. Roll damage as normal against a nearby friend.
Jam – The weapon has jammed seriously and will require a turn to make an intelligence check to unjam.  If unjamming the weapon fails the weapon will require the services of a gunsmith to be usable again.
Barrel Fouled – A messy shot that has fouled the barrel of the weapon, future fumbles will occur on a roll of 1-3 until one turn is spent cleaning the weapon.

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