Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Pleasure Gardens of the Bruised Enormity - Map

The Bruised Enormity is the name given to a hedonistic creature that resides in the mountains between the Livid Fens and the Lower Certopsian Plains.  Some regard the creature as a Wizard of the normal megalomanical sort, though it is unclear if it holds any villages in thrall, or rules much of a domain beyond its own pleasure garden.  It is obvious that the Entity has access to potent Super-Science and dangerous magics both from the danger posed by its protectors and its otherworldly appearance.  The Entity is a protean mass of bruised looking flesh that speak telepathically and trundles slowly along on a series of stump like legs.  The enormous creature is served by a loyal staff of equally strange and varied creatures as it lolls about in the pools of its mountain side pleasure gardens.  From beautiful languid odalisque to hulking multi-armed guards the servitors of the enormity appear strangely alike, their flesh marked with the same flushed and purple tone as their master.

The Enormity is not actively hostile, seemingly content to bide its time and remain neutral in the struggles all around it.  It is no weakling however, and besides its battalions of mutated and freakish soldiers it possesses many allies and trades in intelligence among the various factions South of Denethix.

The Pleasure Gardens of the Bruised Enormity

The Pleasure Gardens of the Bruised Enormity are filled with many pools and domes carved from delicate bluish stone.  The Enormity boast an excellent art and artifact collection which it will allow visitors to examine upon occasion, but it is secretive about what goes on in the upper dome where it keeps its private work rooms.

1. The Gallery
2. Pump Room
3. Storage
4. Armory
5. Guard Pool
6. Kitchen/Workroom
7. Gardens
8. Long Pool
9. Great Dome
10. Crystal Cavern
11. Attendant Pool
12. Audience Pool
13. Statuary
14. Laboratory
15. Flesh Forge.


  1. I do like the spiral land-fill. A nice alternative to the now classic dyson-hatching.

  2. Oh WOWZERS!!.... I am totally stunned by its graciuos curves and all the details! Top-notch, fantastic map!

  3. I've always been impressed by this sort of work, the art and especially the terse yet evocative map keys.

    Just about any official TSR/WotC adventure published since the nineties could and would stretch this thing to at least twenty pages of needless backstory, plot elements, and events and acts. It would absolutely explain everything. But really, all I need is to read the two words of the number 15 and combine it with that single sentence of the Enormity being secretive about it, and my mind is sparking with ideas. What more do you need?