Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Treasures of the Fetid Pit - table 1

Treasure Table I for the Fetid Pit. These are “small caches”, and valued at the location’s “X” multiplied by the number proceeding it. The Fetid Pit is for the most part a Level 1:100GP per X area, but the table is appropriate for other fungal forest type areas with incidental scavenged treasure.
1. Corroded and broken pocket watch – If back is pried off contains several small gems. 1/2X

2. Leather doctor’s bag covered in mold – Instruments inside are high quality silvered steel 1/2X

3. Gatherer’s rope bag – Filled with fresh spice fungus (recognize on Int Check) 1/2X

4. Fine scrimshaw handled flensing knife (1D6) in engraved shark leather sheath 1/2X

5. Hip flask, silver, engraved with the name “Barnabas” and filled with very high proof brandy 1/2X

6. Silver handled child’s hairbrush 1/2X

7. Carved alabaster cane with sliver handle 1X

8. Chess piece, black queen, 4” tall carved from onyx and inset with small pearls 1X

9. Cuckoo clock in need of minor repair made of brass with silver inlays 1X

10. Human skin bag, worked with shell and bone beads, filled with shavings of gold and silver 1X

11. Skeletal Hand with Engraved Gold and amethyst ring 1X

12. Shattered packing crate filled with cut crystal glassware, several pieces are intact 1X

13. Illuminated and gold leaf embellished copy of Church of the Queen prayerbook, covers covered in mold. 1X

14. Suit of heavy human sized bronze splintmail (AC4) marked with the symbols of the fishmen 1X

15. Wedding dress, satin stained with salt and mildew but worked with gem chips 1.5X

16. Bag of Magical glowing bone charms for prophecy 1.5X

17. Gold and agate sword hilt, blade rusted to a stain 1.5X

18. Rolled gold coins in stained casino wrappers 2X

19. Neat line of 5 corroded pistol shells, the last one with a sapphire in place of the bullet 2X

20. Neatly written note of credit from a Rust Gate Chandler’s shop 2X

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