Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cartoony Blank B/X or Retroclone Character Sheet

To the right is a quaint little character sheet I drew up.  I suppose it's for ASE or a similar gonzo sort of game, as it includes a Zardoz head atop the character portrait, but really I think it has everything I'd need to run a basic D&D character.   I made it with a 'significant item' sort of encumbrance system in mind but if you need use weights and measures who am I to say that's a bad thing.

I think the hit matrix is largely unnecessary and assumes descending AC, where as I prefer a LOTFP style hit bonus system.

Here's a PDF of the sheet.


  1. Zardoz head inspires awe and I dig the raygun..Keep the to hit matrix as some dorks still use that clunky system.

    1. Great sheet Gus. And I am one of those dorks. It is a comforting clunky system and love saying THAC0!