Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pahvelorn Character Sheet Collection


My most played character of late has been Beni Profane, an OD&D (well Greyhawk) thief, who has survived in Necropraxis’ long running Vaults of Pahvelorn.  The campaign is on hiatus, with the party having just slain some kind of lich and the floating ruins that have long loomed over the Vaults (a huge pit in the earth with several entrances) descending back to earth.  The campaign is thus poised on the brink of either victory or destruction, as what exactly will happen next is very much an open question.
Beni Level 1-3
Beni began as a “rat catcher” which was largely an excuse to include “sack with six rats” on his sheet. The rats have proved their usefulness, as did Beni’s faithful terrier.  The dog died in the last session (which was almost a TPK, the survivors of a huge fireball blasted and unconscious on the floor except for one Cleric who managed to cast hold person on the lich/awakened  arch mage and save the group.

This is Beni’s first character sheet, with the portrait based on a woodcut from the 17th century. He has his ratting pole (with hook, dead rat and flag) and his ridiculous hat (with floral scarf and emergency/sneaking candles).

 As Beni grew in power, he kept using bits of monsters that the party had slain to create
Beni Level 4 -7
an outfit more in keeping with his new found ‘fame’.  The first suit was simply leather armor made from the skin of a giant albino snake, pulled from a subterranean well.  It was pretty garish. Shortly after this armor (level 3 or 4) Beni also began to fervently worship his rat goddess (the result of a failed carousing roll) and now is devoted to bringing about something like a rat based anarchist revolution.  He doesn’t get along so well with the parties’ clerics, though it seems that Pahvelorn is polytheistic enough where it’s less religious intolerance and more chaos v. order.

Now Near the height of his powers, Beni has picked up some scars, and upgraded his armor again to a magical cuirass, immune to blades, incorporated into a suit of purple wyrm leather armor with strange anti-acid properties. He also has a magic sword, which doesn’t do much, except occasionally allow him to hit incorporeal undead, and a dwindling collection of magical arrows.

Beni - Level 7.
While I can’t find the sheet for Beni’s most beloved (and recently deceased) companion Treacle, the small but vicious dog, his two other henchmen are below.  Donkeyteeth the orphan apprentice died badly when a bunch of cave dwelling troglodyte types (hairy pale men with crazy eyes) stabbed him with six spears in an ancient saint’s tomb, but Lau Taxan is still with Beni.  Lau Taxan is a fanatical shaman priest of the rat goddess, and seems to be trying to summon packs of holy dire rats into every dungeon that the party enters, but is otherwise quite useful at 4th level (the Dire Rats are useful as well, at least until they run off and form their own colonies, restocking the level with 2HD backstabbing rat-things). 

As a whole these are very basic character sheets, and while fun to draw, useful and intuitive to a long time D&D player, they lack something compared to the style I have used for Dungeon Moon.

Lau Taxan - Shaman 4
Donkeyteeth - Thief 1


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