Obelisk of Forgotten Memory


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The Obelisk is moderately large outdoor adventure with a small attached dungeon for a party lvls. 1-3.

This adventure was occasioned by my players deciding to take a lark into the wilderness rather than exploring Patrick Wetmore's wonderful megadungeon the Autonomous Subsurface Environment (ASE). It's my own attempt to create another, smaller adventure location that seems reasonable within Pat's world. It contains several elements (guns, ancient technology, God's eye's) that won't make sense outside of ASE, but I suppose it could be run as a simple graveyard based cult-smashing expedition in with a little modification. It's also an attempt at an adventure in the old style of the TSR products I grew up with, or at least as I remember them played in the hands of murderously inclined pre-teen boys on lazy Summer afternoons. The encounters within are not scaled to allow a 1st level party to win in a stand-up heroic fight. There are encounters, and even individual creatures (especially the special random encounters), quite capable of slaughtering a party within a couple rounds, but this is how it should be, as they can be avoided or negotiated with.

     History and Present State
     The Hook
     Rumors of the Fog Shrouded Necropolis


Random Daylight Encounters
Random Night Encounters

The Outdoors  AREAS 1-3

1.    The Statutes
2.    The Obelisk
3.    Caretaker's Cottage
 3a.  Living Room
 3b.  Equipment Room
 3c.  Work Room

The Graveyard AREAS 4-6

4.     The Sinkhole
5.     Reflecting Pool
6.     Shrine

The Sepulcher AREA 7

7.    The Sepulcher
 7a.    Entry Hall
 7b.    Coat Room
 7c.    Records Office
 7d.    Altar
 7e.    Sealed Crypt
 7f.     Acolyte's Quarters
 7g.   Tomb of Torpo the Cannibal



     Random Encounters - A Note.

The Crypts AREAS 8 -9

8. The Cult Halls
 8a.   The Pillared Hall
 8b.   The Lab
 8c.    Shrine of Furter
9. The Haunted Halls
 9a.  Ensorcelled Ossuary
 9b.  Chamber of Bones
 9c.  Undercrypt

The Hive AREA 10

10.     The Hive
10a.   Hive Tunnels
10b.   Tomb of the Rocket Men


   New Wizard - Hexamacht the Apiagimon
   Additional Adventures Around the Obelisk 


    A. Grave offerings
    B. Tombs and Graves
    B1. Special Tombs and Graves
    Special Random Encounters

 New Monsters

     A. Corpse Flea
     B. Boogeyman
     C. Hungry Ghost

Treasures of Note

      The Caretaker's Spellbook
      Cursed Cannon
      Wicked General's Plate
      Jeroboam of Ranine Abundance
      Lavaliere of Dazzling
      Witch's Spellbook
      Inky Wings of Allurement


  1. This is so awesome it hurts. I'm looking forward to PDF of all this. Even a cut-and-paste into Word, Open Office, or Google Docs would work.

    Seriously, this is fantastic.

    1. Well it was fun to play and has been fun to write up. I am thinking I should be able to release the rest of it on the blog in the next week or so and format it with some additional art in a PDF shortly afterward.

      If you end up using all or part of the Obelisk materials yourself, drop a line and let me know how it goes.

  2. Is the PDF downloadable? I see the words, but there's no link!

  3. I've got to say, I'm a big fan of this module. I'm currently running it (though heavily modified, in Greyhawk) with some changes. I've made the four orbitals hero-god powered immortals who are tied to the Obelisk. It's making for some great gaming. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Glad it's working well. I am surprised it plays out well outside gonzo science fantasy, but happy it does. Are you modding all the weird treasure and such as well?

    2. I haven't felt the need to with anything. I figure with Greyhawks' two known downed spaceships (IINEDRAW, the Warden II; plus the ship in the Barrier Peaks) it's not too far out of bounds. And the weird, interesting treasure just makes it all the more fun for my players.
      I set the Obelisk on the edge of Emridy Meadows, outside of Hommlet. The PC's are tackling this prior to the Moathouse, and Temple of Elemental Evil.

  4. Please don't hate me, but I converted this adventure and ran it in Rifts. Had to take some creative liberties but there were still corpse fleas, ghouls galore and insane, top-hat wearing priests of wacko gods. Much fun was had by all! Thanks.

    1. Anonymous - Why would I hate that? That's awesome! If you have a write up on a board or blog somewhere I'd love to read it.

      I am not a RIFTS guy, or a palladium guy really, but only because I don't really love the percentile system and SDC stuff - played some Robotech and TMNT back in the day, but never really figured it out beyond character gen.

  5. I've got the prison of the Hated Pretender stuck in my Coalition State/Magic Zone Rifts sandbox too. We'll see - the party might stumble across it soon.