Friday, August 31, 2012

10,000th viewer and doodle

So I got my 10,000th hit sometime on August 27th - 28th, almost exactly three months after I started this blog.  In honor of that event I have posted the drawing below.  It's of an Otyugh Sewer Prophet or something and it is meeting my ASE adventuring party in a suitably ASE setting - an abandoned water treatment facility rusted and flooded from centuries of ill use and no maintenance.  Not sure if a fight or a discussion of the relative merits of sewage worship and Monstcromism is about to happen.

I've always been fond of the Otyugh - it's a uniquely D&D creature I believe and fulfills the lovely dungeon naturalism function of garbage disposal.  It's all a downright disgusting monster, and completely alien. All of these make Otyugh's interesting, especially as they aren't evil and can be reasoned with - sparing the otyugh is incredibly sensible - though no one does I suspect, at least if the GM is describing the vile things correctly.  Oh and as a child I had the AD&D otyugh creature toy - it was pretty awesome & at the same time, kind of lame.


  1. I have always resented the short shrift "Halls of Undermountain" gave to level 4 the sewer level. Iconic "Old school" DnD always invovle battling a diverse clean-up crew of Otyughs, ropers, gibbering mouthers and black puddings the size of horse carts.

  2. I have never had group that would had fought otyughs without hesitation, somehow I think in certain circels they are classic dungeon "good guys" who get bribed for information.

    Sewer Prophet makes me think of Marjory the Trash Heap.