Thursday, September 27, 2012

HMS Apollyon - Use of Random Henchman Table

The Undesirables - NPC party No. 4

Yesterday I created a new NPC party for the Appolyon - a real gang of murder hobos, derived from the use of the random henchman generator I posted a few days ago.  Note stats are listed only where above or below average range. It is as follows:

Madam D'Aubigny
The Real D'Aubigny by Beardsly
Adventuress (SPC 2) - Currently recovering from a badly burnt arm (will have complications, loss of STR most likely, 1 wk recovery)
HP 7 AC 4
STR 14, DEX 17, INT 13, CHR 17
Duelist - 2
Firearms - 1
Light Armor -1
Agility -1
Con Artist -1
Hedge Magic - 1
Aubigny is a singer, swordswomen, pistoleer and adventuress from somewhere with an early 20th century sensibility, She wears a pith helmet, armored leather vest, dark practical skirt and bright pirate style sash holding her saber and revolver.  She's a good leader and organizer, but not the strongest member of her party.

Flying Monkey (FM3) - Holding the group together
HP 10 AC 4
DEX 16 INT 6 WIS 7 CHR 14
Firearms - 4
Light Armor -1
Awareness - 2
Tinker -1
A maimed (missing a wing) and flightless flying monkey of advanced age, Beans was formerly a scout for an uptown family but since his injury has been retired.  He spent his muster out bonus quickly, as monkeys tend to without the order of regimental life, and has a nasty Mad Kelp habit.  Beans, despite his stupidity and impulsiveness is likeable, and rather dangerous with his pair of heavy revolvers or cutlass.  He still wears a stained frogged and steel lined uniform and armored fez, with all rank and unit designations ripped off.

Marco Hale
Hussar (F1) - Dead
HP 9 AC 5
STR 13, CON 16, WIS 6
Duelist -2
Firearms -1
A green fleshed mounted soldier of a distant time and place.  Marco's world suffered some kind of apocalypse and has crept back up to the technology level of the 17th century.  Impulsive and violent Marco enjoys a duel. He was green skinned due to his vegetable nature, and when incinerated the smell of cooked yams filled the compartment.

Legionaire of Rome (F2) - Distrusts the party as cowards, confused by gnomish advances.
HP 19 AC 2
STR 15 CON 15 WIS 17
Shield 3
Heavy Armor 1
Aurius was a Legionare of the the Legio secunda Adiutrix before being lost at sea and recovered by the Apollyon.  He is in his mid-30's, a gruff veteran who is nonplused serving with barbarians aboard the Apollyon, and now fiercely loyal to D'Aubigny.  Recently Aurius was saved by Nameless and can often be found drinking and dicing with the devil.  Aurius still uses his Gladius and Banded Armor, but like all Legionaries depends on his large shield as his primary weapon. Aurius appears to have an animal charisma that makes PC's romantically interested in him, much to his confusion.

Nameless the Unnammed
Baatezu (F3) - Laughs inappropriatly and constantly, seems cheered by 'Lucky' Jack's death.
HP 29 AC 3
STR 17 DEX 15 CON 18 WIS 14 INT 5
Two Handed Weapon - 3
Heavy Armor -2
Hospesmancy - 1
A Outsider from the realms of fire and punishment. Nameless laughs a lot, and seems to generally enjoy the Apollyon.  He is an expert with his giant pitchfork and wears golden colored heavy scale armor in addition to the armor of his natural scaly red skin.  The idea of having interests beyond tormenting sinners or fighting is new to Nameless, as is the concept of names.

Jack Six Cards
Gambler (SPC 1) - Incinerated/Dead
HP 4 AC 6
DEX 17 CHR 16
Con Artist -2
Sleight of Hand -2
Firearms -1
Dandy Gambler, former owner of cloth of gold top hat.  Thought himself lucky, may have been scheming to take over party.  Died horribly.  Carried a Rapier and pocket pistol.

Steamy Pete
Musketeer/Bucaneer (SPC 1) - Incinerated/Dead
HP 6 AC 6
DEX 14 CON 15
Firearms -2
Light Armor -1
Huckster Faith - 2
In a buff coat and feathered hat Steamy Pete was a 17th century sea-dog, who specialized with his arquebus. He was once a seminary student, but this didn't help Pete when he faced a cone of flame from a zombie war-machine.

Sorcery Student (MU 1) - Frightened and angry
HP 2 AC 9
INT 16 CON 7
Academic Magic -2
Necromancy -1
Lulubelle was a student of the dark arts somewhere, but after a boating accident the pale pouty seventeen year old is aboard the Apollyon.  Her only equipment appears to be a parasol and leather valise.  The extent of her magical knowledge is unknown, but believed to be limited.

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