Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tomb of the Rocketmen! Give me Maps!

By Saint Gagarin, the Blessed Valentina, and his Holiness the Armstrong!  I want more maps!

On midnight April 1, 2013 I will accept no more maps of the "Tomb of the Rocketmen", but until then, add to the considerable pile I have already amassed! 

I didn't draw this - but it fits.
That's right this weekend represents the last chance to send in a map for Dungeon of Sign's first contest.  Why do it? 1) It's easy - a 10 - 20 room map of a gonzo tomb for Rocketmen.  2) The prizes are good(ish) - win a copy of ASE 1 (or 2 if you have 1) and my efforts at keying your map and turning it into a Land of a Thousand Towers (ASE)/Gonzo Science Fantasy/Sword & Planet adventure for characters levels 4-6.  There are drawings of rocket zombies already produced and 1/2 written tables of "What is resting within the pastel ceramicrete capsule" to facilitate science fantasy grave robbing.  All that's needed is your dungeon design and graphic skills so that these items can find a home and be enjoyed by thousands, well hundreds, ok - more likely tens, of Dungeon of Signs' adoring fans...

How can I play you ask?  Simple, send be a reasonably unblurry image of a map you made (however you make dungeon maps) of a new and ideally exciting location inspired by the following hook:

"Screened by thicket, swamp and forest, a necropolis of the ancients sinks slowly into the earth.  Its existence rumored by foresters and vaguely referenced in some of the Temple of Science's oldest logs, the tombs and monuments have remained slumbering and undisturbed for ages.  Ancient construction materials provide protection against the elements, but in the glorious times, when man traveled beyond the sky, tombs were not considered sport for plunder and the treasures of the ancient sky-farers should be unguarded, untrapped and ready for any hand that has the audacity to reach for them!  Hack through the brigand haunted forest and seize the wealth of the very stars, amongst the TOMBS OF THE ROCKET MEN!"

Send something in - even if you don't win, at least you'll have drawn a cool map for your own use!

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