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The Obelisk - Contents of Graves and Sarcophagi


Within the Obelisk Grounds there are a great many graves and crypts that may be looted.  It takes 5 hrs for the average person to dig up a grave if equipped with a pick and shovel, but this is modified by the diggers Constitution bonus (-1 hour per point of bonus). Up to 2 people can dig up a grave at a time, but it will never take less than 1 hour.  Note that digging up a grave will result in earning the rage of Jackal-Mask Bonechewer and subject the party to attack by corpse fleas (immediately in some cases).

Most graves, even on the Obelisk Grounds are fundamentally boring and contain a cheap coffin (roll 1D10 below) and some bones. Every few will necessitate a roll on the tables below.  Graves closer to the Mausoleum and Shrine are more likely to have interesting contents.  All crypts within the Mausoleum will necessitate a roll on the tables below.  Roll 1D20 for contents and 1D20 for coffin if necessary.

A Special Tomb - Photo unaccredited

D20 Interesting contents of sarcophagus/grave. Note: not all graves are interesting. Use 2nd roll and [bracketed text] to determine nature of coffin if needed.
1 A body wrapped in rusted chains. 1 in 20 chance it's actually undead and will attack as a zombie if freed. [Damp burlap sack]
2 150lbs of bagged sand. [stitched up canvas hammock]
3 Skeleton in a canvas sack, every bone is broken at least once. [Cardboard Box]
4 Mummified corpse in moldering finery. [Cheap pine coffin]
5 Corpse with head of animal stitched on in place of original head (Roll 1D6 1-Dog/Wolf 2-Cow 3-A different human or humanoid race 4- Crocodile 5 – Lion and/or Mouse 6- Octopus (whole body). [Bundle of aromatic reeds tied at either end like a tamale]
6 Crude effigy of sticks and straw, 2 in 6 chance dried human heart rest at the center 1 in 6 chance heart still beats.[Painted paper-mache sarcophagus]
7 Gilded Skeleton – 2D6 x 10 GP of gold if removed from bones. [Soggy wooden coffin]
8 A pile of clockworks and springs sewn into a human skin. 1 in 8 chance they come alive and attack as a 3 HD zombie. [Leather body bag]
9 A well preserved corpse that has had molten metal poured down its throat, it's hard to notice, though some flecks of metal may be visible around the lips. Metal is (Roll 1D6) 1- Gold (1d4x100GP) 2 – Copper (1d4x100CP) 3- Silver (1D4x100SP) 4- Silver (1D4x100SP) 5- Lead (Worthless) 6- Electrum (1d4x100EP). [Wooden Coffin with brass fittings]
10 Roll on Special Tomb table at -5. [Coffin made of Bones]
11 Unnaturally preserved corpse of (roll D6) 1-elderly man 2- infant 3- Middle-aged woman 4-Beautiful youth/damsel 5- animal 6- strapping warrior. [Rusted iron maiden]
12 Naked corpse with stake through heart, 1% actually a vampire. [carved wooden coffin]
13 Body wears silver death mask (1D3 X100gp value) depicting 1- Deceased as elderly person 2 – Deceased as youth 3 – Skull 4 – Stylized jackal 5 – Blank oval 6- PC's father [Fancy Coffin with tarnished fittings 50% chance the coffin fixtures are silver worth 2D100 SP]
14 An elf and a dwarf whose skeletal hands are wrapped around each others throats.[Large pottery jar with (50% glazed with patterns or pictures)]
15 Roll on Special Tomb Table [Copper Capsule, opens like a pill, worth/weighs 1,000 CP)
16 Skeleton of extra-planar being, bones are a shiny black and useful for crafting +1 weapons and magic wands. Worth 500 gp. [Small Boat - fits 2 maximum - 20% still seaworthy]
17 The mummy of a juju-man, skin covered in tattoos. There's a 30% that some of the tattoos contain 1-3 strange spells, likely curses, levels 1-3. The brittle skin may be carefully removed and used as scrolls or copied into a spellbook. There will also be 1D4x100GP worth of gold jewelry on the corpse. [Ancient massive carved stone sarcophagus - it's worth a good deal to a collector in Denethix (400GP), but requires a combined strength of 120 to lift (chains and a crane/block and tackle are likely to be needed) and a ox cart to move.]
18 Terracotta  soldier – wearing rusted splint mail and carrying a rusted iron short sword.  If shattered the players will find a silver medallion with gemstone eyes depicting the bearded and fanged face of a man (Worth 100GP).[Ornately carved hard wood coffin - if removed 1D4 carvings will each be worth 1D100+25 GP]
19 Ashes in a cloth of gold bag with a jeweled clasp. Bag is worth 200GP. [Metal tube, set with a single 500GP Sapphire]
20 Roll on special Tomb Table at +5 [Gold platted sarcophagus, studded with gems – worth 1d20X100 GP as a heavy unwieldy art artifact, or 1d8 X100GP if broken down]

SPECIAL TOMB TABLE (Roll as indicated or Needed).

D20 Special Tomb Table
1 Compressed air powered dart trap, fires 1D6 darts as a 4HD monster. Each dart does 1D2 points of damage and is coated with a dangerous toxin. The poison will kill the victim in 1D4 agonizing hours during which they won't be able to do anything but writhe and babble in searing pain. A victim may save vs. poison to avoid these effects, but will suffer considerable agony for 1D4 hours, during which all rolls will be at -2. A side effect of the poison (even if it fails to kill) is that the victim's skin turns purple permanently.
2 A body that appears bloated, almost translucent, with something odd and bluish that seems to swirl beneath the skin. The body is a thin cocoon trapping a small dormant black pudding within. If prodded, touched or even exposed to sunlight/open air for more than 1 turn the pudding will awaken, exploding from the corpse like a rotted melon.

3' Radius Black Pudding AC 6 (fire only), HD 5, (hp 27), #AT 1, D 3D8 (acid), MV ('20) Save F6, ML 12. If stuck with normal/magic weapon will split off 2HD baby pudding.
3 Mummified werewolf chained in silver. The werewolf is dead, trapped in wolfman form. The silver chains are thick and worth 400GP, they must be hacked off, as they are forged onto the corpse.
4 An avatar of Nyarlathotep sleeping the slumber of ages. The thing will wake if exposed to sunlight. Looks like a robed mummy with dried calamari for a head. It will attempt to recruit the PC's via a mass charm person spell and murder any who resist. If slain Nyarlathotep will know and take an interest in the PCs. There are insane writings in the coffin worth 500 GP and a place on the enemies list of the Church of Starry Wisdom.

Aspect of Nyarlathotep AC 5 (moves with creepy speed), HD 4, (hp 21), #AT 3 (claw/claw/bite, D 1D4/1D4/1D6 plus int drain (1d6 zombie at 0), MV ('30) Save C6, ML 12. Mass Charm (Charm person affects 1d10 HD of victims) (x1 per day), confusion (x2 per day), ventriloquism, magic mouth.
5 Iron idol of forgotten demi-god. Will attempt to dominate any person who picks it up, roll Under (Int + Wis – 15) on a D20. If the forgotten god gets control of a person it can cast Spells as a 5th level mage knowing: Fireball, Phantasmal Force, Levitate, Sleep, Magic Missle, Shield. It's up to the GM to decide what it wants and if it can be reasoned with, most likely it's even forgotten itself.
6 Flesh Golem – A much decayed and dessicated 8' tall golem made of stitched together parts. It's still active and will animate in 1D4 turns after being unearthed. 50% Hostile (will wander off to kill humanoids if alone) 20% Catatonic, will defend itself 20% Strides off on unknown mission 10% Awaiting commands, will recognize 1st person to give them as master.

Decayed Flesh Golem AC 9 (Magic or silver only), HD 6, (hp 24), #AT 2, D 1D6/1D6, MV ('20) Save F8 (Immune to magic), ML 12.
7 The brittle bones of a moktar holy-tom. His skeleton wears cracked beaded robes covered in fetish charms and gris-gris. The robes are magical, and if worn by a moktar will act as leather armor +2. (Offering these robes to a group of moktars will earn their favor -2 to reaction rolls). If worn by anyone else they are cursed and act as regular leather but giving a -2 to any attack on moktars whose return blows will strike as a critical every time they hit. The moktar also wears a gold ingot necklace cursed to bring ill luck (-1 to saving throws) to anyone who possesses it (value 200GP).
8 When tomb is opened a pillar of devilish green flame bursts forth.  The fire produces no heat but sheds a great deal of light. Indistinct figures can be seen moving amongst the flames and while the fire is burning anyone within the 20' diameter circle of light it sheds gains +1 to damage rolls.  Fire will burn out in 1D4 days.
9 The bones and matted fur of a long dead Sasquatch crammed into a tiny space.  Sasquatch are magical creatures and their souls cling tightly to this world.  This Sasquatch has been trapped in a boring tomb for hundreds of years - it is quite agitated, but amazingly not yet fully insane.  The character opening the tomb will be haunted by the Sasquatch's spirit until the remains are taken to secret Sasquatch burial ground and left exposed on a platform. Doing this will gain the character a -2 bonus to future reaction roles with all Sasquatch. Ignoring the ghost for too long will make it angry and destructive.
10 A robot rests here, its chipped coppery surface unmoving. If supplied with a power cell (like a full laser clip) it will come to life, and offer the following 1- To put the humanoids out of their misery (attacks as F4, AC 3, DMG 1D8) 2- Serve as retainer for 3 months (F4, AC 3, DMG 1D8) 3 – Draw map to cache of ancient tech/treasure 4- Serve as sage (3 months for free) 5 – Coughs up gem worth 500gp, offers as reward 6- Use “robo-magic” to replace lost/undesirable limbs with cybernetics (+1 strength) 2 lost limbs can be replaced.
11 This tomb contains a body cursed with unlife.  The dried almost skeletal husk has been dismembered and is no longer capable of movement on its own.  When the tomb is opened the head will appear to gasp and begin mouthing words (mostly ‘help’).  If the head is carefully reattached to the body the corpse will explain in a whisper that he goes by Twig and that he would really like to have his limbs back.  Twig will gladly serve the PC’s as a henchman for a year if stitched back together.  He is almost immune to death (except by fire, acid and magic/silver) and if ‘killed’ can be healed at the rate of 2HP per turn (or heal himself at the same rate if he is at or above 0hp), but can’t fight with weapons and refuses to set off traps or otherwise injure himself as it is still very painful and he is a coward.  All of Twig’s statistics should be treated as 7’s, but he can carry a pack and hold a lantern (not a torch – he’s afraid of fire).

Twig AC 9(unless armored), HD 1, (hp 6), #AT 1, D 1D2, MV ('40) Save F0, ML 8. Regenerate 2HP/Turn (except fire/acid/magic & silver weapons). Immune to Sleep & Charm
12 Recently buried remains of a gorilla dressed in upper class finery – tomb contains valuable foppish items (1D4-1), each is worth 1D20X10GP. Items: 1 – Silk Umbrella/parasol with ivory handle 2- Chunky gold club membership ring 3- Silver pocket watch 4- Gold and garnet flask/snuff box 5 – Well made sword cane (1D6) 6 – Fur coat
13 A sleeping green yearling deer.  There is nothing magical about the beast, except for its color and slumber.   It will be startled awake by the slightest touch and go bounding off in a random direction (unless trapped in a room, and then it will panic).
14 Pile of nanotech gee-gaws amongst a scatter of bones. They were once part of a body and would like to be again. They look like odd gems. If the nano-gems are held on a person for more than 3 turns they will activate and dig into that person's body in two rounds. Only a remove curse can stop them. Damage is 2D6, but if the victim survives they will gain +1 to three random statistics.
15 The coffin contains the bones of one of Torpo’s generals, clad in a massive suit of bronze plate armor that covers the entire body and includes a great helm in the shape of a monstrous crab.  A bronze shield lies on top of the body, also with a crab device.  Both the armor and shield are wearable with slight repair (polishing and replacing straps) and are rust proof but otherwise normal.  Due to the armor’s (treat as plate-mail) size and bulk it can only be worn by a large female human or elf (possibly by a small female Moktar) with a  strength of at least 16. 
16 The body within this tomb is that of an adventurer in corroded and torn bronze scale-mail.   It is infested with strange mushrooms whose spore grant magical visions if inhaled.  The entire tomb is packed with spores and any person opening it will inhale them (save vs. breath weapon to avoid).  Upon inhalation the character will immediately drop into a stupor for 1D10 turns and have visions.  These visions will show the past (50%) or the Future (50%).  If the past, the player rolls under Wisdom (D20) he will remember where a valuable ancient treasure is buried, having witnessed its concealment in the vision.  If the future, the PC will have a vague sense that something terrible might occur to them, and when faced with the next trap or ambush can roll under Wisdom (D20) to have a premonition of it and or how to avoid it 1D4 rounds before it's sprung.  The spores dissipate once the tomb is opened, and no more mushrooms will grow on the corpse; however, when anyone inhaling the spores dies, their body will sprout vision granting mushrooms 2D10 days after death.
Within the coffin, inside a silk body bag, is the relatively fresh body of a well dressed Denethix tycoon.   His identity cannot be determined as his head has somehow been transformed into a mass of rubber tentacles. His clothing is quite dapper (100GP), but all cleaner's and tailor's marks have been removed.  If his coat is closely examined it will be found to contain a quit-claim (as is) deed to a small six unit tenement on the Street of the Alien.   If the services of a well connected attorney/barrister are obtained the deed holder can gain title to the property in 1D10 months for 3D6 x 100 GP of legal services.
18 The embalmed body of a noble paladin to some forgotten cause. The body wears corroded bronze plate mail (worthless) and carries a magical bronze Khopesh (scimitar) +1.
19 The preserved body of an ancient soldier in a glass-like coffin. He wears a durable synthetic jumpsuit that will protect as leather armor (AC9) but can be worn by magic-users and has several gem studded medals in a wooden box laid across his chest. The three valuable medals are worth 200GP, 400GP and 1,000GP.
20 A jumble of coins fused with age, 1D10x1,000 CP, 50% 1D20x500SP, 50% 1D10x250 EP, 30% 1D10x100 GP, 10% 1D4x100 PP.


  1. This is excellent. I can so use this in my upcoming game :)

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  2. Yeah, I'm itching to hurl Twig across their path. These are excellent charts.

    1. Twig could indeed be fun, though I fear most parties (ok, my players)would just incinerate him when they found him.