Friday, June 22, 2012

The Obelisk - What now?

Francis Frith - 1896(?)
A tiny update really, for the PC's that finished the Obelisk but can't get enough petty god and Rocket Man dead madness...

Below are some suggestions on what to do after a party has fixed, or simply looted the Obelisk grounds.  Obviously a simple roll or two on the special encounter table would suffice to create a new dynamic of mayhem, but for those who want to spend a bit more time in the Obelisk Area here are some adventure seeds:

Now I would suggest that the next adventure for your ASE players who are too afraid to enter the ASE is back home in Denethix! I call it the "OLD BREWERY" and it will be July and August's Dungeon Product - an urban dungeon with drug dens, cannibal halflings, a giant lungfish, poison orchids and a grunkie baiting pit!

Further Adventures in the around the Obelisk of Unwanted Memory:
  1. The gods (whichever one/ones now controls the obelisk) demand the locale be clean of their messes. Some of the terrors that Bezonaught created have wandered off into the woods. The party will help prevent a divine pout if they seek and destroy these creatures.

  2. All of the hijinx on the obelisk grounds may have upset the spirits of the ancient honored dead and they are mustering under their ghost marshal for a punitive expedition against the living. There are numerous ancient crypts and mausoleums in the woods surrounding the obelisk grounds, and the revitalized dead are using one or more as command posts. Also this means laser guns for the taking (most are dangerously corroded relics).

  3. Assuming they have been defeated, the fanatical adherents of Furter came from somewhere. Another vengeful deity may encourage the party to seek out their stronghold and destroy them. 

  4. Hexomacht the Apigimon has learned from his scryings that the Memorial grounds have several caches of ancient artifacts that he can use to build his Hexmen army and is moving into the grounds in force. His most hated enemy the Fen Woman would like to stop him. The Fist may also be interested in this wizards' war spilling across Denethix's borders.

  5. The endless broadcast of the blather by the Obelisk's beacon has finally attracted the attention of beings from another sphere. Aline invaders are beaming down, right on top of the Obelisk and they want Denethix's water, women, gold, and or/kittens. Can the PC's convince anyone to take action or will they have to battle these scaly ray gun wielding sightseers without backup.

  6. Now that the Obelisk is functional again, the back up of dead, magical bodies needing burial has reached critical levels. Pilgrim caravans are offering good money to see bodies to the Obelisk Grounds and think the party would make an excellent guard force. Of course the Bandits of the Southern woods have heard about these wealth laded caravans and are preparing a series of ambushes. Wizards may also be interested in a load of puissant corpses, extra funds being simply a bonus.

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