Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Obelisk - Treasures of Note, from the Special Encounter Table


The Cursed Cannon - Actually a 1860 Jones Pepperbox Pistol
Cursed Cannon. Last know to have been carried by Mule Hearted Billy, the wandering massacre/gunslinger/Wizard, but having a history going back five hundred years. This weapon appears to be a ornate multi chambered pistol made of a greenish metal. It is both blocky and ornately filigreed. It is not a revolver, but rather a wand like item of unfathomable alien evil, useable by thieves and magic users. If used like a gun the Cannon will fire a gray blast of concentrated negative energy that strikes as a +3 pistol (roll to hit) and messily rip the soul from the target. The target may save vs. Spells, to suffer 1D4 damage and spend the next 1D4 rounds holding their soul close (accompanied by terrible visions of a gray-green alien hell-scape). If the save is unsuccessful the victim takes 3D6 damage as their soul or a portion thereof is torn from their body. Creatures without souls (like golems, demons or robots) are not effected.

The cannon starts with 1D6 charges when discovered and recharges itself with one charge for every soul taken. It gains 1D6 additional souls however from killing an innocent human and may be used as a club to do so if its charges are exhausted. The Cannon is intelligent and evil, it will attempt to take over its owner every time it is used (Roll D20 under wisdom – 1 [cumulative] per shot). It will also whisper phrases like “Feed the gun” into it's owner's mind incessantly when it is not being actively used to kill. 

Wicked General's Plate Armor.  This suit of jet black plate armor will fit a human or elven male, covering the wearer completely and including a massive horned full helm that bolts to the chest armor. The suit is made of an obsidian like material, covered in jagged spikes and projects an aura of evil and unease in addition to offering excellent protection.  Treat this armor as Platemail +1 (AC 1), with the additional power of casting fear as the 1st level cleric spell once per day.

If a historian is hired to research the suit he will find reference to similar suits being specially made for the generals and champions of Torpo the Cannibal.  There are also scattered references to the suits being evil and increasing the blood lust of their wearer.  Both of these stories are true and the armor will exert a subtle influence on its wearer to indulge in whatever vices he most favors already.  This influence will take the form of dreams, and once per week the armor will compel it's wearer with the force of a command spell cast by a 5th level cleric to act on his evil desires.

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