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The Obelisk - The Obelisk and Table of Memorial Offerings


2. The Obelisk
Ancient Georgian grave Goods - Fitzwilliam Museum
The obelisk is a massive black and green needle of protonium that climbs over 1000' straight up, well above the surrounding forest. 20' square at the base the obelisk, and midway through it's fourth millennium, is immobile and indestructible. It contains the machinery for relaying to and from the geosynchronous beacon satellite sealed within its peaked cap. Etched on the obelisk, in tiny print are a couple million names with military abbreviations before them. The obelisk is hollow, and will make a booming noise (roll for random monsters) if struck hard enough. A, 8' tall iron fence in an elaborate spike embellished style surrounds the obelisk and packed earth square it stands in. The Fence is rusted, but still quite strong and topped with wicked points. Two 10' long portions of the fence have fallen near the entry path and can each be lifted or carried by two or more strong humans.

Surrounding the obelisk is a litter of offerings, mostly desiccated or decayed flowers and food, with 29 sealed jars/clay pots or small wooden chests that each contain a funerary offering (roll on table below for each offering looted). The looting of these offerings will anger the deity Jackal-Mask and will occasion an attack by corpse fleas after 1D4 turns, if the PC's remain in the area.  Treat this attack as the random encounter appropriate to that time of day with +2 fleas added to the number appearing.

Use the following table to stock memorial or grave offerings.

D20 Contents of memorial offering.
1 Stale bread and rotten fruits – smells vile.
2 1D10 cp
3 A crude painting of an elderly person (50% for either gender)
4 Fine spices (70% stale and worthless, 30% still good and worth 10gp)
5 1D10 sp and 1D6 cp
6 Small wax effigy, disturbingly lifelike.
7 Hell Money (fake paper money) 10% if taken will bring minor curse (-1 to something) onto thief.
8 Mummified baby grunkie (10% wearing miniature hat/95% fez)
9 1D100 cp, 1D20 sp, 1D4 gp and 20% a piece of common jewelery (25 gp)
10 A bottle of of good quality Scale Brandy – worth 5 gp
11 Flowers, long dead and rotting.
12 Flowers, long dead and dried
13 1D10gp (25% chance loose, 25% wrapped in paper, 25% tied in ribbon, 25% fused together)
14 The pitiful body of a dead infant (40% with a ominous birthmark 20% died by violence).
15 Ashes, 80% they're a person's.
16 Silver nicknack: it's a tea-strainer, set of figurines, fork & knife, dice - worth 1 GP
17 Head - 79% human skull, 20% recognizable naturally & mummified, 1% fresh, looks exactly like PC.
18 A beaded charm, if worn will make next successful attack on wearer miss. Useless afterward.
19 1D4 10gp gems.
20 Cache containing thieves tools, 1D20gp, and a map to a criminal safe-house in Lugosi.

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