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The Obelisk - Wandering Campaign Killers

Roll a '3' and meet "Father Scapula"
 In the Obelisk of Forgotten Memories I have included a list of random encounters/event that is designed to stimulate wild and unpredictable play - basically if the PC's refuse to be the agents of change the encounters on the table are perfectly willing to pick up the slack.  Roll or pick when nothing is happening, the players flee back to town, or a diplomatic impasse need to be broken.

Daily “special encounters” is an optional table. If the PC's are sluggish goldbrickers, action has gotten bogged down or you happen to feel like throwing a serious plot twist in, roll on this table and see what nightmare, campaign ruining, TPK encounter occurs. All of these encounters have a fundamental ability to upset any balance in the memorial grounds and possibly your campaign.

1D12 Special Encounter
1 Rampaging Wizard – Feryian the wizard overflies the the Memorial Grounds in his giant, bearded stone head. If anyone (PC or NPC) fires at it, waves, or is simply visible and moving the head will descend until it is five feet from the ground and let off an augmented laser blast at any animate thing within 120'. The lasers attack as a 6th level Magic-User and strike for 3D6 damage each (two per attack). The head's operator is on a terror raid and will not loiter after his attack run, but will certainly destroy anything that moves. If more detailed statistics are needed, the stats for Feryan, and his stone head are detailed in ASE #1
2 Hexmen, 1D6 Hexmen, each supported by four peasant levies investigating the memorial for ancient super-science on behalf of the Wizard Hexomacht the Apiagimon. Hexomacht is an inscrutable, but not obviously evil, android wizard who often rides a giant bee and lives to the Southwest. They won't attack unless the PC's display obvious ancient technology but refuse to trade or sell it. They are carrying 1,000 GP in strange gems to buy such technology with. Each Hexman rides on a spindly insectile creature (treat as riding horse) that can't be ridden or tamed by anyone but a Hexman and is actually largely mechanical. The levies trudge along behind in a disciplined but fearful line.

Hexman: AC 3, HD 4 (hp 16 HP each), #AT 1 (2 ranged), D 1D8/1D4 ranged, MV ('40/120') Save F4, ML 10. Enemies at -1 hit from defensive swarm. Armed with twisty green gold longswords and repeating hand crossbows.

Peasant Levy: AC 8 (leather), HD 1-1 (hp 4 HP each), #AT 1, D 1D6/1D6 ranged, MV ('40) Save F0, ML 8. Armed with spears, leather armor and short-bows. All equipment is exceedingly uniform.
3 Clerical Entourage – Bonechewer Jackal-Mask has called one of his more militant priests and an entourage of giant top hatted mercenaries up from the South to clear the cult of Furter from the obelisk. Father Scapula and his Plug Uglies represent a significant force, but he is a priggish and contrary men who's crusader's spirit refuses to allow him to think tactically. He and his followers will bore through the obelisk grounds and likely be slaughtered unless the PC's direct him cautiously while showing deference to his rank. Scapula is a militant and his spells reflect this, he might be cajoled into removing a curse or curing disease, but only if he's all out of infidels to smite. His Plug Uglies are 7' tall brawling anachronisms with conservative mores and strong xenophobic views.

Father Scapula AC 2, HD 5 (hp 17 HP), #AT 1, D 1D8 +1 , MV ('40) Save C4+1, ML 8.  Platemail +1, Two handed great mace +1(treat as battleaxe), Silver jackal mask (+1 to saves). Scroll of Protection from evil 10' radius. 80GP. Spells: Cure Light Wounds (x2), Light, Hold Person, Silence 15', Animate DeadNone of Scapula's equipment will be magical if used by non-clerics and even clerics must be over level 3 and follow Jackal-Mask for the equipment to grant bonuses.

Plug Ugly Mercenary(8) AC 4, HD 2 (hp 10 HP each), #AT 1(+1 hit melee), D 1D8+1 (1D6 or 1D4 ranged), MV ('40) Save F2, ML 8 (bonuses due to strength). Splint-mail (small steel chest and thigh protectors, scale lined frock coats, shiny cod pieces and top hats stuffed with wool padding), buckler, large cleaver-sword (long-sword), several knives and/or hatchets. They have 9PP 22EP 212SP and 14CP among them.
4 Bounty Hunters – A brutal cadre of five bounty hunters off the plains, riding worn horses and with the corpse of the notorious killer/Wizard/thief “Muleheart Billy” in a coffin that they wish to dispose of (strapped to a sixth horse). Billy has risen within the coffin as a mummy, but cannot escape unless freed from the blessed nails keeping the lid on. He will plead to be let out in a crackling voice if the PC's capture the coffin.

Billy was an evil bastard when he was alive, and a slave to the Cursed Cannon, killing for its delight. Now that he's dead he's even worse and attacks with the cannon (though his touch still causes Mummy Rot). The bounty hunters don't want to fight anyone, they just want to get Billy killed right so they can collect the bounty (Billy dead-dead is worth 2,000 GP to the Fist). They are used to solving disputes through violence though, and are rather adept at it. If Billy is released they must roll morale at + 1 or flee in terror as his whispering has unnerved them.

Bounty Hunters (5) AC 4, HD 3 (14 HP each), #AT 1, D 1D8/1D6 ranged, MV ('40/120') Save F3, ML 8. Certopsian banded armor (steel under dino-leather), large revolvers (6-shots each @ 1-20 bullets in reserve), scimitars, and riding horses. 1D10*20 GP each.

Muleheart Billy AC 4 (Magic weapons, spell or fire only), HD 5+1 (hp 31 HP), #AT 1, D 1D12 + rot\ 3D6 – Cannon, MV ('30) Save F6, ML 10. Bullet riddled fancy saloon dress. Cursed Cannon (6 charges). Silver inlaid automatic 8 shot pistol (1d6) @ 3 bullets (worth 1,000GP).

5 Pilgrims – 4D20 Pilgrims with 2D6 Fanatics. This group of religious pilgrims is carrying the body of a mysterious 'cursed' saint and several of his followers for burial in the obelisk grounds. The group includes families, children, and the elderly and is generally unprepared for their trip into the wilds. They will be distressed to discover the current state of the graveyard, but will attempt to entomb their dead and conduct a day long funeral rite. The Pilgrims wish to be left alone, but they represent an enormous source of fresh victims and both the corpse fleas and ghouls will attempt to pick of stragglers or ambush small groups. With them are a small group of fanatical lay-brothers.

Pilgrim AC 10, HD 1/2(1-3 HP each), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('40) Save F0, ML 6. Staff, Robe/Rags 1D6 copper.

Fanatic AC 7, HD 1(4 HP each), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('40) Save F1, ML 10. Flail, Leather armor, Wooden shield.
6 Bandits – The players aren't the only people who have heard that the Obelisk is ripe for the plundering. This intrepid brotherhood of the forest comes seeking loot, a lair and ideally a steady racket extorting pilgrims. They are numerous, well prepared to live in the wilderness and totally unprepared to deal with supernatural entities, dungeons traps or moral ambiguity. Given the large amount of all of these things around the Obelisk, the players may be able to hire on as guides - though the bandits will want all the treasure. They have a mule drawn buggy containing supplies and a chest with their plunder (1,000GP worth of assorted coins and gems), as they intend to take the Obelisk for themselves.  There a 12D10 Bandits, lead by a powerful fighter on horseback.

Bandits AC 5, HD 1, HP 5, #AT 1, D 1D6/1D6, MV (40'), Save F1, ML 9). Scrap armor, Axe, Short Sword, Spear or Mace and Shortbow, 1d6 GP each.
Bandit Leader (AC 3, HD 5, HP 28, #AT 2, +1/hit, D 1D8+1, MV (40'/80') , Save F5, ML 9). Splint mail, Shield, Longsword, Horse, 2D20 GP.
7 Cult Reinforcements -Furter has informed his high priest, deep within the distant Ziggurat of Decay, that his incompetent flunkies need help.  Depending on what creates more chaos the force of fixers dispatched to the Obelisk can be any of the following: A. More fanatical reanimator priests bent on taking the beacon, the ground and the graveyard for Furter B. Moderates sent to restore order and trying to drive out only Bezonaught's mad beasts, while establishing Furter in Bezonaught's place or C. An inquisitional hit squad with orders to eliminate the cult of Furter within the Obelisk Grounds so that the rest of the pantheon can never find proof of his power play. Regardless of purpose the relief force consists of: A militant priest, guards, fighting acolytes and zombies as well as larger undead constructs – 8' multi-armed zombies made of a stitched collection of parts known as “Anointed of Furter”.  The reinforcements will arrive on foot with 2 ox carts full of supplies (800 GP worth).

Priest Militant of Furter (1) AC 2, HD 5 (HP 30) #AT 1, D 1D6+1, MV ('40) Save CL5, ML 10. Enchanted Bone War Hammer +1, Gold Etched Cult Plate mail (600GP), Shield, Gold Holy Symbol (200 GP). Spells: Fear, Command, Protection from Good, Spiritual Weapon, Hold Person, Curse 

Deacons of Furter (1D4) AC 2, HD 2, #AT 1, D 1D8/1D8 Ranged, MV ('40) Save F2, ML 10. Longsword, Copper Splint Mail, Shield, Pistol (revolver 6 chamber, 12 bullets).

Acolytes (3D6) AC 6, HD 1, #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('40) Save CL, ML 8. Mace, Copper Scale-mail. Spells: Cure Light Wounds (x 8) Protection from Good (x2) Remove Fear (x1), Light (x1).

Anointed Constructs of Furter (2D4)AC 5, HD 4+1, (hp 25), #AT 3, D 1D6, 1D4, 1D4, MV ('20), Save F3, ML 12.

"Frankenstien" Zombies (5D6) AC 7, HD 2, (hp 8), #AT 1, D 1D6, MV ('30), Save F1, ML 12.
8 Demon Boar – It's a giant pig or a giant man, or some combination of the two. Micah Rooter is what it calls itself and it's a cursed, flesh devouring, demonic and wholly evil were-thing. The players won't know any of that until Rooter decides it has no use for them and the large cheerful fighter turns into a giant slavering pig demon.

Rooter is used to preying on pilgrims coming to and from the Obelisk, but prey's been hard to come by lately. If he finds out what's going on in the Obelisk, Rooter will ally himself with whatever faction seems most likely to restore the Obelisk to a functional pilgrimage site. He appears as a 7'9” massively muscled, but obese man. His weapon and armor are magical: +1 Argonium scale-mail vest that fails to cover his belly and +1 polearm made of high quality damasked steel inscribed with a red demonic letters. The polearm looks suspiciously like a rake. Rooter also carries a sawn off single barreled shotgun and 4 shells. His character is stereotypically porcine: avaricious, gregarious, crude, cheerful, gluttonous and lascivious.

Rooter has left his treasures in his forest hut home with a harem of several charmed concubines. While Rooter can likely easily massacre the party, he is far more likely to play patron to them, attempting to charm any attractive female PC's first. He's gotten old and fat by eating defenseless pilgrims, not armed adventurers, and his lazy nature means he would prefer a party of cats' paws to a resourceful and murderous lunch. Rooter is surprisingly not immune to ghoul paralysis.

Fighter Form: AC 6 HD9 (silver or magic weapon only) [May be turned] (hp 46), #AT 1, D 1D10 (strikes last) or 1d8(short range), MV ('40) Save F9, ML10. (Charm person x3)

Demon Boar Form: AC 3, HD9 (silver or magic weapon only) [May be turned] (hp 46), #AT 1, D 2d6, MV ('60) Save F9, ML10.
9 Wraith – This entity was most likely disturbed by the diggings of some faction of corpse robbers. If it seems worthwhile, pick a random faction and decide 1D4 HD of it's followers are destroyed.

The wraith is a vengeful and depressive spirit of one of Torpo's generals and will likely attack unless greeted with military courtesy. It appears as a shadowy figure in ancient spiked plate armor with burning green eyes. Betrayed by Torpo in life, the wraith knows that it's family was devoured by the ruthless warlord after it was murdered and it's body was interned with honors. If the PC's can convince the wraith that revenge against Torpo is possible it will join them in an attempt to destroy his spirit and desecrate his grave. The wraith is used to being obeyed and will demand PCs treat it as its former rank deserves, as well as insisting they destroy any art or carvings lionizing Torpo. If the wraith's commands are ignored, or it is met with disrespect, it will attack mercilessly. If Torpo's tomb is desecrated and his ghost destroyed the wraith will lead the PC's to a hidden grave containing the Wicked General's Plate Armor and a bejeweled baton worth 300GP before fading into oblivion. PC's should get full XP for the wraith if it fades away avenged.

Wraith: AC 3, HD4 (½ damage silver or magic weapon only ) [May be turned] (HP 12), #AT 1, D 1d6 + Level Drain, MV ('40)/Fly ('60) Save F4, ML12.
10 Spirit Host – A host of ancient spirits marches out of the morning mist and either spends the day drilling in the graveyard or passes on through it within 3 hours (50% of each). The spirits are clad in the manner of the bodies in area 10b, though they and their equipment are incorporeal.  The spirits appear armed with futuristic mesh uniforms, large 'fishbowl' helmets and various ancient weapons, mostly laser rifles.

When the host appears it will be parade ground perfect; however, if the PC's (as the obelisk's other denizen's have no means to do so) successfully attack (+2 or better weapon) or Turn (as infernal) any of the spirit soldiers, a massive scream will sound over the whole graveyard stunning all within for 4 rounds (Save vs. Spells to avoid). During these rounds the host's individual spirits will transform from insubstantial phantoms into semi-corporeal ghosts that appear as the soldiers did when they died (burnt or ripped by bizarre wounds). These spirits are effectively infinite in numbers (There are several hundred to a Million of them spread over the surrounding miles), but only 1D4 will attack each living person on the memorial grounds each turn. Once attacking they don't give up though. They attack with their ghostly weapons, engage in vaguely military maneuvers such as attempting to call in ghostly artillery and air strikes (which are the same as attacking). If the party manages to survive by getting indoors, where the spirit host will ignore them, the spirit host will dissipate in 2D20 hours.

Spirit Soldier - AC 2, HD1 [Turn as Infernal](hp 4), #AT 1, D 1D4, MV ('30) Save F1, ML12.
11 Beast of Bezonaught – A terrible shambling monster amalgamated from both the dead and living. It is an insane fusion of forest creatures, men and monsters that all seem to flow into each other. The dead moan and howl, while the living thrash wild-eyed, seemingly lost in nightmare. The beast moves on many wildly stumbling legs and attacks with various arms, claws and heads. It is fearless and seeks only destruction, but is subject to sudden insane whims and will sometimes randomly break off an attack and wander off in a reverie (broken by attack). Roll it's Morale every 5 rounds to check if it can sustain it's interest in battle. It is quite mad and seeks only to consume souls and bodies. It will not attack Bezonaught's ghoul minions, but won't ally with them either

If it strikes with a critical hit (natural 20), or reduces its victim to zero HP, it does no damage, but instead pulls its victim into itself and will do 1D8 points of damage to that victim per round (it may still make its regular attacks). When a consumed victim is killed the beast will gain hit points equal to the victim's maximum hit point total.

Beast of Bezonaught - AC 7, HD 10+4 (attacks as 6 HD), (hp 54), #AT 3, D 1D4/1D4/1D4, MV ('30) Save F10, ML 8.
12 Fen Dead Scouts - The Fen Woman, a Wizard whose tower stands in the bruised expanse of the Vile Fens is a necromancer of rare puissance and has sent a group of her followers to investigate the rumor that the obelisk's necropolis is ripe for plundering. The group consists of 1D20 Fen Zombies and 1D4 ghost drummers to keep them active. The Ghost Drummers are mounted on Riding Toads

Fen Zombie: AC 7*, HD 2, (hp 10), #AT 1*, D 1D6, MV ('30*), Save F1, ML 12.

Ghost Drummer: AC 7, HD 3, (HP 9) #AT 1, D 1d6, MV ('40), Save MU3, ML 10. Bone & shell studded leather armor, Mace/Drumstick, corpse drum. Geegaws and fetishes worth 2D100 GP each. While the drummers drum Fen Zombies within 60' will attack with a +1 hit, +1 AC and movement increased by 10' for every drummer drumming up to 4. Spells: Burning Hands, Darkness, Levitate (Spells encoded on drum-head)

Riding Toad: AC 5, HD 2, (HP 12) #AT 1, D 1d8, MV ('80)/Leap ('30), Save F1, ML 8 or as rider.


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