Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Obelisk - The Gods

The first keyed area in the Obelisk of Forgotten Memory provides clues to the orbital deities who watch over the graves that players will surely seek to despoil.

Bonechwer Jackal-Mask,Bezonaught, Delphina
1. The Statues

The beaten earth path winds through a dense deciduous forest for several miles before these sentinels come into sight. Three man-sized statutes stand among the trees and might easily be mistaken for living creature at night or by the overly cautious. The black marble statutes mark the entrance to the cemetery grounds and weigh far too much to move without tools and/or draft animals, though they would fetch 300gp each and draw divine curses if stolen. Each statute represents a moderately well known funerary god, in its favorite guise, and a Cleric will recognize them if the statutes are examined closely. The statues have no power and cannot be used to contact the deities they represent, who are, from East to West:

a. Bonechewer Jackal-Mask (“The Baron”) 
The God of graveyards, productive decay and funeral offerings. The Baron appears as either Jackal headed monstrous humanoid in a linen kilt, or as a tall man with skull make-up wearing evening dress (This statute is of the Jackal Faced Man).

Bonechewer is actively trying to thwart Furter's plans, but operating from the mindset of destroying the necropolis to save it. He is glad for any help, and will enlist the PC's to kill off Furter's cultists and throw their bodies in the sinkhole (Area 4) his corpse fleas won't attack while the PC's do his bidding and he will order them to bring the PC's random grave goods whenever they are encountered (roll on tomb looting table). They will also provide a greater reward should the PC's kill all the cultists on the memorial grounds and throw the bodies in the sinkhole. However, Jackal-mask takes his duty seriously and if the PC's disturb any burial sites (not above ground temporary tombs or the bones in the ossiuary) he will become angry and his fleas will again become hostile.

b. Bezonaught (“The Boogeyking”) 
The god of corpses, unsightly death, cannibals and bed-wetting. Bezonaught appears the pajama clad corpse of a child (usually the childhood version of the person he is speaking to) and speaks through his avatar's obscenely flapping slit throat.

Bezonaught is a pretty terrible deity, he's petty, stupid and has no real goals except that he be respected. He doesn't want the memorial plaza as his exclusive domain, but feels slighted and rather enjoys creating various monsters to vent his spleen. He has nothing to offer the PCs except maybe discouraging his monsters from attacking them if the PC's are obsequious enough and promise him favors.

The God of conflicted feelings about the deaths of irksome family members and guilt over bequests. Delphina's avatar is an unwanted bequest, usually a dusty, slightly chipped tea service of antiquated style. Her Statute is a female figure with a teapot replacing the head.

Delphina is a distracted deity, with plenty of things to interest her elsewhere. She'll be slightly miffed if informed of Furter's power play. She won't ask the PC's to do anything, but when informed of the situation any PC's cleric present will have a +1 bonus to all turning rolls until she forgets (1D6 days). She may also direct the PC's to Jackal-Mask, who will enlist their aid.


  1. An interesting set of deities. They cover the bases but have a different flavor from the fantasy mainstays.

  2. Thanks, the deities in ASE are a multitude and fairly silly. Pat is responsible for this variety of satellite AI as god idea, and this set of 'gods' are just the entities concerned with burial - real second-rate dieties actually. Also totally unreasonable and petty.