Monday, June 4, 2012

The Obelisk - Tomb of the Rocket Men

Dead Astronaut by Carbine

10B. Tomb of the Rocket Men
Secret Door – The door to Area 10B (Tomb of the Rocket Men) is not a door in the normal sense, but the weakened wall of a capsule shaped ancient tomb. A secret door check (or possibly the efforts of allied corpse-fleas) will indicate that shared wall between the Hive(10A) and the Secret Tomb is too straight and seemingly not the same material as the rest of the crudely excavated, crumbling dirt cavern. Spending a few minutes clearing away the thin crust of dirt and hardened flea spittle will show pale blue wall with a slick porcelain appearance. Taps or rapping on the wall will reveal a hollow space behind it, and strong blows will produce cracking and crazing in its surface. Enough force (10 HP of blunt force damage against the AC7 wall) will crack open a 'door' big enough to climb or crawl through.

A featureless pale blue ceramacrete vault containing four aluminum coffins now dull gray with age and splotched with white corrosion. The walls have worn down over the millennium and can be shattered with little effort. The coffins each contain the remains of an officer who died in the ancient war over 3,000 years ago. In addition to these mummified remains, which fall into gray dust the moment they are disturbed, the coffins contain the following items of note.

Coffin 1: A laser pistol that appears charged and operable except for splotches of corrosion, indeed, the pistol's power cell and inner workings have ruptured and corroded making it dangerous to fire. A gunsmith familiar with laser weapons (good luck finding one) could determine this on close examination and might even be able to repair the weapon. If used as is the pistol has a 75% chance of exploding doing 2D6 damage it's wielder (save vs. breath weapons for ½ damage) and 1D10 damage to anyone within 10'. If it fails to explode it will only hiss and spark and cannot be fired. If sold to a skilled gunsmith the pistol is worth 1,000 GP for parts, but it is worth much less as a curio if sold to anyone else.

Coffin 2: An officer's sabre made of white argonium with platinum fixtures and a black ceramic polymer sheath. The blade is worth at least 2,000gp based on its materials alone and functions as a +1 scimitar.

Coffin 3: A suit of jumpsuit woven “royal copper” (A malleable, flexible and almost unbreakable purplish metal forged with long lost super-science) topped with a clear fishbowl style helmet of synthetic pseudo-diamond. The Royal Copper Armor is very flexible and should be treated as +2 leather armor (AC 6). It's also highly resistant to heat and therefore offers it's wearer limited fire resistance. ( ½ damage from all fire attacks). The only downside of this fabulous pre-fall technology is that it is highly conductive and all electrical attacks will do +2 damage per die to the wearer.  It would be valuable if sold, but the exact price depends on the buyer.

Coffin 4: The inside of this coffin appears to have been clad in a thin layer of gold (it can be scraped off, but is only worth 100 + 2D20GP) and obviously contains the remains of some kind of high ranking officer. The body is still clad in rich maroon synthetic uniform heavy with silver braid and medals. In all the braid and buttons contain about 40GP worth of silver. The medals and insignia are gemstone studded platinum, gold or royal copper and are terribly garish to the modern eye. They are valued as follows: Hat insignia (crossed platinum laser rifles) – 100GP, 2 Shoulder boards (Royal copper braids with carved ruby general's stars) – 200GP each, Chest decorations (Gold, platinum and gemstone chips) - 300 GP total, Belt buckle (Synthetic ruby carved into star shape) 500GP and 2 Boot buckles (Platinum) 100 GP each.

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