Friday, June 8, 2012

The Obelisk - Boogeyman


Boogeyman - The Caretaker
No Enc. (1) (1D4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: (30')
Hit Dice: 4(turn as 5HD)
Attacks: 2 (Weapon/Bite/Spell)
Damage: 1d6/1d3 (+ special)
Save: MU4
Morale: 9
Hoarde Class: VI &VIII.
XP: 190

In many ways these creatures are simply stronger more cunning ghouls who often act as leaders of ghoul packs. They are much like ghouls in their motivations and appearance, though Boogeymen retain both more cunning and slightly more human features than most ghouls. They also retain the ability to wield weapons and cast spells, though a boogeyman's weapon attack does not paralyze their opponents, it does mean that powerful boogeymen may be encountered wearing magical armor an wielding dangerous weapons.

Boogeymen are capable of speech and thought, but their goals, insatiable ghoulish hunger and overwhelming self-loathing make them unlikely to negotiate and even more unlikely to keep any deal they have made. They are fond of treasure, but more fond of living flesh and the power they get from tormenting both the living and their ghoulish minions. 

Special Attack: Boogeymen have the ability to counter and cast several spells. Boogeymen may cast (and counter): Sleep, Magic Missile, Shield, Enlarge, Dancing Lights, Light and Burning Hands. They may also cast the clerical spells: curse (opposite of bless), fear, cause light wounds, Boogeymen are not proficient magic-users and are limited to casting only two spells a day off of the above lists. Individual Boogeymen may know more, less, or different sets of spells depending on their nature, past profession and DM whim.

Special Attack: Boogeymen may paralyze as a ghoul for 2D4 rounds if they hit with their 1D3 bite attack and are undead, immune to sleep, charm person and similar spells. Likewise the victims of a boogeyman will rise in twenty-four (24) hours as ghouls, or if spell casters over 3HD as boogeymen themselves. Boogeymen are far more likely to refrain from devouring their victims than normal ghouls, and instead kill to recruit minions, though new ghouls may be missing some bite sized chunks here and there.

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