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The Obelisk - The Masoleum (Rear Rooms)


7d.    Altar
Behind the monumental central doors of Area 7a is this pure white marble chamber.  Amazing amounts of detailed carving and sculpting  have gone into making almost every inch of wall decorative art.  The carvings begin at the floor, showing the entire chain of being from plants and animal, rising up to depict goblins, elves, dwarves and other lesser races.  The glories of human and sasquatch civilization fill the room from about eye level to above 7' and the walls gently arch upwards into several fluted vaults where the depiction of the divine satellites, metallic servitors and finally the sky temples of the Gods are lost in gloom.  The room is lit by several discs of black marble inlaid on the floor and enchanted to emit a pale blue light (like the skulls in Area 7a).

At the center of the room is a large altar, it's outer case made of a filigree of white marble that matches the walls, carved into intertwined bone motifs.  Behind the marble is some sort of case made of polished green black protonium with decayed ancient circuit boards showing through open hatches and panels in the protonium case.  The surface of the altar, a smooth sheet of polished protonium has a simple glass chalice and a pair of copper incense holders resting on it.  All of the altar ware depicts Furter's symbol, a hexagonal machinist's bolt with a lighting shaped symbol on its top and has almost no value (3GP total).  If the back of the altar is examined, two drawers will be found.  Both open easily, the top is mostly empty, except for a simple wooden box of incense made of feasting tree resin while the bottom holds a linen altar cloth in purple, blue and yellow with images of decay embroidered on it.  The cloth is worth only a few (2GP), but the incense is quite valuable.  There is space for 26 cubes of resinous incense in the box, but only 24 remain, each worth 5GP.

 Behind the altar is an 8' tall gilded wooden statute of Furter, the statute is of recent manufacture and appears to have been constructed in a modular fashion for transport.  The gold on the statute is worth only 1D20 GP and will take 3 turns to scrape off.  Doing so is an act of sacrilege and despite the fact that Furter is a jerk of a deity, the orbital gods sick together and will curse anyone who profanes the statute with a -1 to hit until they make recompense of at least 500GP to an orbital temple.  Obviously pushed behind the statute of Furter, from their original places directly behind the altar are three matching marble statutes of the funerary gods, sculpted with the same masterful care as the walls of the room.

At the far rear of the room are another set of gigantic bronze doors, these so festooned with magical fetishes, and painted with white protective sigils that it is hard to see that it's surface has been engraved with images of the funerary gods and a peacefully resting fanged giant in a toga.

 7e.    Sealed Crypt
After the protective white lead has been picked away from the doorway, and this room opened, it will be revealed as a crypt.  Stone doors line the back and left walls, while three waist high slabs dominate the center of the room.

On the slabs rest forms, concealed by rough canvas sheets, if disturbed these forms will be revealed to be the dessicated, two month old corpses of cult acolytes.  Each corpse bears various marks of battle, principally long slashing cuts and deep punctures (caused by the claws and mandibles of corpse fleas).  Each corpse also suffer from a horrific wound, having had their chests torn open from within, their copper scale vests slashed and ripped open as well.

There is a 10' square pit with a neatly carved 6" tall rim towards the rear of the chamber, its leads to an ossuary, Area 9b and was used to transport the bones of those whose time in the crypts has elapsed.  Corpse Fleas from Are 10 occasionally leap up form this pit, and if there is a disturbance in the crypt 1D6 fleas will appear in 1D6 rounds from the pit to investigate.

Drusilla springs the Grunkie Trap!
The room is clad in the same green-white marble as the majority of the mausoleum and the carvings in this room are crude, functional and largely of skulls.  The crypts in this room number sixteen, and can be opened easily via its hinged stone door.  Each crypt warrants a roll of the crypts and graves table and the only one deserving special note is the central (third from either side) one on the back wall. This crypt contains a trap, but when the cultists of Furter first examined this room, prior to the corpse flea attack they detected undead within the crypt and marked it with a large painted white 'X'. 

Grunkie Zombie Trap
This crypt has been filled with animated, mummified grunkies.  If opened the undead vermin lairing within will leap (with surprise unless the players take exceptional precautions) at the character opening the crypt.  There are 16 grunkies within, and 1D10+2 will attack the first round.

Players may ask "Who mummifies a pack of undead monkey lizards and locks them in a crypt?" the trap was prepared by the priestess of Bezonaught on advice of her god, though no amount of favor with Bezonaught will prevent the zombie Grunkies from attacking.

Mummified Grunkie Zombie (16) - AC 9 HD 1 [May be turned], (hp 2), #AT 1, D 1D3 MV ('40) Save F0, ML10.

Once their initial target is supine the grunkie zombies will run amok, darting about the room and randomly attacking anyone they see.  If turned they will retreat into the crypt they sprung from and hiss menacingly.

 7f.     Acolyte's Quarters
 This chamber of crypts has been occupied and used as an above ground barracks for the acolytes of the cult of Furter.  It is identical to Area 7e, with sixteen unopened crypts, except that the room is regularly swept and contains cots  for twenty acolytes, of whom 1D4 + 4 will be present assuming the cult of Furter is unaware it is under assault.  If the cult has been put on alert this room will be used as a defensive redoubt and will be stocked with a group of zombies and skeletons as well as whatever acolytes are available for defense.  Survivors from the steps, Area 7a and 7b will retreat to this room and make a concerted effort to stop any incursion here. Skeletons is this room may be armed with bone spears for throwing and will make a rear line behind any zombies.

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